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Each patient with ADHD presents with their own unique combination of symptoms and circumstances. Treatment must be tailored to the individual. Medication is extremely effective in treating the core symptoms of ADHD and is utilized in many cases. However, there are some patients who do not respond well to medication or have contraindications to taking certain kinds of medications due to an existing medical condition. Some parents may not feel comfortable starting their child on medication and prefer to start with non-medical treatments, while others might want to do a combination. Non-medical treatments may include behavioral therapy, coaching, parent training and educational interventions (IEPs or 504 plans, tutoring.) In addition, there is increasing evidence to support the use of complementary treatments such as dietary interventions, vitamin and mineral supplementation, exercise and mindfulness meditation. Dr. Ludlow recently completed an Integrative Medicine for ADHD Mini-Fellowship and is using both conventional laboratory as well as functional medicine testing to discover and treat bio-physiologic contributors to ADHD symptoms. She can help develop a treatment plan tailored to each child’s unique needs in accordance with parents’ goals and comfort level.

Pricing Info

Initial evaluation appointment
(120 minutes) $750

I review all forms and any previous testing reports or old records you’ve submitted prior to your visit. At the appointment I take a detailed history of both past and current symptoms, and also gather information about your child’s diet, sleep, exercise, education, etc. I also screen for any co-existing conditions. By this time, I am almost always able to assign or confirm a diagnosis(es). I then provide education on the neurobiology of ADHD and on treatment options, both medical and non-medical. Finally, together we develop a comprehensive treatment plan for your child.

This is a very dense appointment, an investment on both our parts. You will leave with a detailed plan of action and many resources to help you start building your team to give your child their best chance for success. You will always have direct access to me, not an assistant or answering service, should any questions or concerns arise.

I do not charge additional fees for the following services:

  • Messaging or phone calls between appointments
  • Medication refill requests
  • Medication adjustments or changes between appointments
  • Communication/collaboration with other providers, school, etc.
  • Filling out medication forms or writing school letters
  • Obtaining prior authorizations for medications

Follow up appointment
(45 minutes) $250

This is a detailed appointment for me to check in with you and your child on their overall progress at home, at school and outside the home. We discuss effectiveness of treatment, side effects of treatment, and any need for adjustments. Things often change as children with ADHD grow and develop—the need might have arisen for further testing, a new referral, educational supports, etc. Height, weight and BP are also monitored at every visit. Follow up appointments are required one month after a new medication start, then every three months as long as your child is taking medication. 

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